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a familiar friend

Loosely based on the writings and life of J.M. Barrie, A Familiar Friend is the story of a boy who calls himself 'Peter Pan'. Following a difficult upbringing and a series of personal tragedies, Peter attempts to escape his depression by living in a world of stories and fantasy, facilitated by substance abuse. While his friends indulge him, a new relationship with the sensible but imaginative Wendy Darling may be just what he needs to return to reality.

A new play by JOSH BOURNE
February 2018, Burton Taylor Studio
Producer, Production Manager
The cover image for A Familiar Friend.
Through the narrative tool of magical realism, A Familiar Friend blends elements of fantasy and reality, light and dark, the comedic and the bleak, to provide a down-to-earth portrayal of mental illness and coping mechanisms. It reclaims the darker heritage of fairytales to take a well-known and well-loved children’s story and use it as a vehicle to explore some of the issues which are most salient to those who have to grow up today.
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