Stella is trying to get over Astrid. Really, she is. She just seems to keep getting back into bed with her, and anyone else she sleeps with just can’t seem to measure up.


Starring Charithra Chandran (Bridgerton, Alex Rider), Pillow Talk is a new web-series which follows a series of conversations with the people Stella has just been in bed with, in a comedic but emotional exploration of the worlds of relationships, casual sex, and millennial life (without any condescending meta-jokes about millenials). Stella, still recovering from her recent break up, tries her hand at one-night stands, casual hookups with colleagues and the odd second date. But nobody, from the fuckboy to the middle-aged Frenchman, can take her mind off of Astrid, who is preoccupied with trying to find her first postgraduate job, and struggling to figure out what she too wants from her life.

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A new webseries

7 x 8'


This series touches on issues uniquely relevant to young people, such as employment insecurity, anxiety about the future, and the difficulty associated with finding one’s place in the world. It offers an honest and open portrayal of sexual relationships, hoping to destigmatise and educate.

There is a startling lack of diversity in the creative industries. Only around 10% of creative roles are filled by BAME peopleless than 40% by women, and although the representation of LGBTQ+ relationships is improving, there is still a long way to go. In the top-grossing 100 films of 2019, women accounted for 37% of major characters, and of those, 70% were white, 18% were black, and 6% were Latina. In creating a female-centric series, we aim to explore issues that are less frequently discussed - Pillow Talk follows Stella, a young, bisexual BAME woman, and the series is not just about, but created by, the minority groups the story represents, with BAME and LGBTQ+ crew members.

Each episode of Pillow Talk features a different one-night-stand, accompanied by a different visual signature to match their character and personality. This allowed for huge variation on the technical side of production, using cinema-grade equipment ranging from anamorphic lenses to vintage glass, from crane shots to an episode filmed in a single 8-minute take. 

Episode 1

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PT GRADES FOR STILLS.00_00_01_17.Still09

Episode 2

Episode 3

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Episode 6

Episode 7

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