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Four Eyes is an internationally award-winning film production company specialised in unusual and ambitious narrative and commercial projects. We’re a team of friends who bring expertise, passion and creative flair to everything from interviews to brand films, from Super-8 microshorts to cinema-grade epics. 

Our narrative projects tell stories that break new ground in unconventional ways. We’re passionate about sustainability, inclusion, and off-the-beaten-path technical approaches to production.

We offer a fresh take on content creation which builds on our industry experience to turn great ideas into engaging and effective films. We partner with the bold brands seeking to transform their niche to tell future-facing stories. We offer a full end-to-end service, from idea development guided by a background in marketing and data analytics all the way through to in-house editing. As a small, specialised, and dedicated team, we are able to offer a tailored, personal approach: we work with you to bring the best of creative production to bear on translating your vision, values and identity into compelling content which stands out from the crowd.

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