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short film


A dying man escapes into the comfort of distant summer memories.

Drift was shot during the first national lockdown as an entry to Cahootify's 2020 Lockdown Filmmaking contest. The production process was completed in just over a week, with shoots split between two locations. After a public vote and selection by judges, it was crowned the winner; it has also enjoyed considerable success at film festivals. 

Winner - White.png
Screen Power Film Festival - OFFICIAL SE
UK Monthly Film Festival - OFFICIAL SELE
Kosice International Monthly Film Festiv
Sweden Film Awards - SEMI FINALIST - 202
Prague International Monthly Film Festiv
Lonely Wolf London International Film Fe
Berlin Flash Film Festival - OFFICIAL SE
White Deer International Film Festival -
The Lift-Off Sessions - OFFICIAL SELECTI



Director of Photography


Second Unit Director

A BearTrapperFilms/Four Eyes Production

Kyle Borg

Emilia Clark

Calum Bradshaw

Alex van Leeuwen

Emilia Clark

Clément Jochem

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