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don giovanni

A timeless classic reinvigorated with sharper satire and wartime wit…

Think Blackadder Goes Forth, but with stronger female roles!

When the lascivious Don Giovanni kills the father of an attempted conquest, the townsfolk pursue revenge with the aid of figures from his past. Reimagined in a Southern-Italian town during the latter stages of World War II, this production finds fresh and gritty depths to the explorations of liberty, status, and gender politics at the heart of Mozart’s opera. Relationships become essential to survival and death is an unavoidable presence, heightening the stakes to both tragic and comedic effect.

January 2020, St John's Auditorium


Production Manager

Marketing Manager

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​By using Amanda Holden’s new English translation of the original libretto, this production offered the audience an unfiltered closeness to some of Mozart’s greatest moments of comedy and tragedy, and updated the salient social commentary of Mozart’s original for today’s world. In doing so, we aimed to make the medium of opera more accessible to an audience which may not have experienced it before. We also removed other barriers to the enjoyment of opera, for example by keeping ticket prices low and running events such as a backstage tour for current students interested in a career in theatre.

Produced with the Oxford Alternative Orchestra.

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