chrysalis: UK

Our finale video takes the theme of Chrysalis and superimposes it on human life, following the development from boyhood to manhood. Set among the spires and catacombs of Oxford, it traces the journey from the innocence of childhood, to the turbulence of youth, to the emergence of the fully formed man. Set to the uplifting music of Carol Jones, the musicians and dancers interact for the first time in this video, and after five videos where the music and dance is separated by thousands of miles, this video represents all being brought to a unity - the music and the dance are one, and there is hope to evolve into something more beautiful and more whole. 






Director of Photography

Lighting Cameraman


Music Recording and Mixing

Ruth Brill


Carol J Jones


Brandon Lawrence 


Alex van Leeuwen


Calum Bradshaw


Oxford Alternative Orchestra

Jonathan Danciger